Set up Unity Project version control with Github: git + git-lfs

git unity git-lfs image

To start I'll like to introduce the three tools (apart from Unity) that we are going to be using in this guide.

What is git?

What is git-lfs?

What is Github and why Github?

Install git

Installing git varies depending on your operating system. Based on my previous experiences, one of the must complete tutorials to install git regardless of your operating system was done by the Atlassian team, and you can access it here. Follow steps there for your operating system and come back to install git-lfs.

Install git-lfs

Installing git-lfs depends on your OS as well. In this case, the best guide I've found for git-lfs was made by Github themselves. Follow that guide here and come back to finally start creating your Github repo and setting up version control for your Unity Project.